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    What is the difference between the Centro DTIBR Association and the Study Group DTI-UFMG?

    The Study Group in Law, Technology and Innovation (known by the Portuguese initials DTI-UFMG) is a group duly registered at the Department of Civil, Procedural and Commercial Law of the UFMG Law School and at the NIEPE (group registering unit) of the same institution. It is one of the permanent study groups at the Law School and was founded in 2018 by law students under the supervision of Professor Leonardo Parentoni. Its scope is to conduct student-run scientific activities related to the multiple interactions between Law and Technology. Participation is free and open to professionals from any knowledge field, both undergraduate or already graduated, as long as they get aproved in the selection process, according to the bid periodically published on this webiste.

    Differently, the Research Center on Law, Technology and Innovation - DTIBR is a civil association, a nonprofit separate legal entity. It was founded in 2019 with the scope of facilitating the development of new activities, with greater autonomy and speed. Specially to fostering the integration between academics, market sector and civil society, in a genuinely innovative environment.

    It is worth emphasizing that it is an independent legal entity in relation to the Study Group DTI-UFMG or any activities related to the aforementioned Law School, without prejudice to eventually develop joint projects.

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    How can I be part of the Centro DTIBR Association?

    As a rule, new members for the DTIBR Center will be selected among the members of the DTI-UFMG Group. To this end, the applicant must have been admitted to the DTI-UFMG Group and participated in at least one semester of activities, having stood out for the engagement, seriousness, professionalism, ethical posture and mastery of the topics discussed.

    Exceptionally, the DTIBR Center may accept new members among  those who have produced joint projects with the DTIBR Center for at least one year. Differentials are the participation in the organization of DTI-UFMG and have write texts for the blog.

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    How to make common projects with the DTIBR Center?

    If you have an interesting idea and want to work with a high level technical, ethical and professional team, you can formulate a partnership proposal with the DTIBR Center. Please contact us by email and we will answer you right away. The email must contain your name, contact details and CV, plus a detailed proposal.

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    How to post articles to the Blog?

    The DTIBR Center administers a blog in which we publish content on law, technology and innovation. You are welcome to post a text of your own or recommend that a story be replicated on the site. Please contact us via email, submitting the desired content. Only public available texts that do not infringe copyright laws will be accepted.

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    How to be informed of new DTIBR Center events and products?

    You can follow up news about DTIBR Center through this website or you can also subscribe to receive our newsletter.

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